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vancouver's first exclusively plant-based sushi.
we set out to achieve something different in a time when
restaurants were unable to accommodate guests in their establishments.
as a satellite kitchen, we were able to operate solely as a
delivery service and were fortunate enough to be received with open arms.
we made many friends and served many customers, all while
pushing the envelope of what can be expected of ready-made cuisine.
we feel mizu sushi co. has served is purpose, so for now, we are closed.

our sincerest gratitude to all those that supported us,
we look forward to connecting again with our next endeavour,
whatever it may be.

with intention,

our story

plant-based sushi. we know, it’s a bit of an oxymoron.. but we love sushi, we love plants, and we love feeling good - so we decided to create something that expresses all three. we’ve worked hard to cultivate our intentions into creations that can be enjoyed by everyone, meaning; we use no animal products, no gluten, no sugar....

3-piece pseudo-shimi roll
sweet + sour roll
植物ベースの寿司。 私たちはちょっとした矛盾を知っています。しかし、私たちは寿司が大好きで、植物が大好きで、気持ちがいいのが大好きです。ですから、3つすべてを表現するものを作ることにしました。 私たちは、誰もが楽しめる創造物への意図を培うために一生懸命努力しました。つまり、 動物製品、グルテン、砂糖、植物油、トランス脂肪は使用していません。 私たちはまた、私たちがどのように運営するかについて責任を負う必要があることを感謝しています。 地元のソースから農産物を調達するよう努めており、パッケージングは99%植物ベースであり、二酸化炭素排出量を相殺するために地元企業と提携しています。私たちは私たちの存在と私たちの惑星を愛する以外に何も持っておらず、私たちの影響を減らすために絶えず取り組んでいます。

...no vegetable oils, and no trans fats. we also appreciate the need to take responsibility for how we operate; we strive to source our produce from local sources, our packaging is 99% plant-based, and we're partnering with local businesses to offset our carbon footprint.​

we have nothing but love for our existence and our planet and are continually working to reduce our impact on it, whilst simultaneously increasing our impact on others so they may follow in our stead.

moonlight roll in the sun


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